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tv   The Dylan Ratigan Show  MSNBC  July 26, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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watching. dylan ratigan is here to take us forward. dylan, all yours. >> thank you so much, martin. a pleasure to be seeing her. our show, indeed, begins right now. the big story for everybody out there -- now what? lots of false debate on capitol hill, a week from the treasury's default deadline. sort of invented in its own right. a tuesday in new york. good news, not at hot as it was. my name is dylan ratigan. pleasure to see you. the president and speaker of the house delivering speeches that have absolutely nothing to do with where the fault or blame now stands. more importantly, underlying structural problems that got us into this mess in the first place, talking about that. listening to all the floor speech, primetime addresses and press conferences you may actually think something is getting done. but if that was the case we'd
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have already raised the debt ceiling and moved on to restructuring bank, trade taxes in order to create jobs and prosperity for america. that's downright crazy. luke russert starts us off on capitol hill with the latest on the debt ceiling. >> reporter: the latest on the professional wrestling as you like to call it, right, dylan? >> where's the hulkster? right. >> reporter: john boehner calling him tlup this process and the question now, dylan, whether or not john boehner's plan that would cut about $1.2 trillion from the beginning, immediately, and around $1 million immediately and then have $1.2 trillion in spending cuts, where is that? there needs to be a path forward for 218 votes in the house of represent irans for a vote coming up tomorrow morning. as are right now, it's unclear if john boehner has the votes for his plans specifically. why is that important? right now harry reid is waiting in the united states senate holding back, seeing what boehner can do. if boehner cannot deliver the united states house of representatives squarely from
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mainly his own party, he loses a lot of leverage and because then reid knows any plan that goes to the house with boehner to raise the debt ceiling is moeft likely not to have democratic votes. that's where we're at. reid's plan to cut trillions of the deficit getting the debt limit through the next election year, all the way to 2013, that's a non-starter right now in the united states house of representatives. most likely could not even garner cloture in the united states senate. so all eyes are on the boehner plan tomorrow night. after that one, we'll know a lot more. but it looks like the boehner plan in some capacity, if it is to get through the house, will be the ultimate vehicle that does raise the debt limit, probably a tweak in there with harry reid saying, hey, if you change a few of these things we'll get through the senate and pick up democratic support in the house. ultimately to the president's desk. big news from the other side of pennsylvania avenue, president obama said he would veto the boehner plan in its current form. >> all right. fine work, luke.
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thank you. vermont democrat peterson welch called the rising liberal voice of reason. i'm not sure who called you that but it's a nice thing to be called. what happens from here? give us, educate us a little bit. we're kind of up to speed of the tomfoolery, if it was only so inconsequential. >> okay. >> what happens from here? >> first, permit me a little candor. >> please. >> these are both lousy deals. both republican deals. it's all cuts. it's no revenues, and what we know we need if we're going to be successful in putting a dent in the deficit, is a combination of cuts. democrats have to move that way, and the republicans have to work with us on revenues. we've got a tax cut that's a total mess and leaving that intact. so anyone -- however we come out that goes home and brags we accomplished something is overstating what's been done. where we are -- >> hold on. let's stop where you are, because i believe what you just articulated on one, whether they ay glee with your solution,
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revenue this or that, in is apparent to virtually every american they're being presented with two abominable choices? >> right. structural issues. they are are in spending, in the tax code that's a mess. republicans acknowledge that they won't work with us to make that part of the solution. that's why. number two, we have structural problems in the economy. we all know that if we really want to work our way out of this we need to get people back to work. weren't of the biggest drags, contributors to the deficit is 26 million americans are either out of work or under employed. this whole focus entirely on the deficit without any attention to how we're going to rebuild our economy, revitalize the middle class means we're not doing work that needs to be done. >> let me ask you a question. when the president last winter renewed the bush tax cuts, why at that time did they -- did the treasury not make contingent of the passage of those tax cuts
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the raising of the debt ceiling? >> they blew it on that issue. in fact, there were many of us in the house that were adamantly opposed to extending those bush tax cuts at the high end. the folks at that level were doing well. they hadn't been hurt by the recession. in fact, their profits up, bonuses up. what a lot of us anticipated is that if we gave that away, we would be looking at this debt ceiling situation in a deeper hole. that $700 billion we gave away essentially in exchange for $billion in unemployment relieve and when we gave the tool of the debt ceiling as leverage for the house republicans basically to argue and hold hostage the american economy unless he got their way on the budget it was two strikes against us. >> and going to my original question -- how much more of this nonsense, how many more days am i going to have to leave my television show with this nonsense before i can go back to talking about job
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creation, the wars and all of the structural dysfunction that you're clearly familiar with? >> well, i think you'll be working this weekend, i regret to say. basically, we do have a choice now between a really bad boehner plan and a damage control reid plan. that's really what 2 boils down to, but in both case, the republican agenda has been successful. there is no revenues. it's all cuts, and the difference between boehner and reid is essentially that one is short term, and the other is long term and gets us through the election and would give us at least some space to try to create the opportunity to talk about jobs and building our economy. >> representative welch, appreciate your candor. i agree with a lot of how you frame this problem. and am regretful we're not actually having a debate about bank reform, trade reform and tax reform. >> right. exactly. >> i don't know the answers but i shoe know we need 20 to be talking about it. thank you, congressman. >> thank you. our mega panel is sheer.
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political analyst karen finney, susan del percio. on the pay roll, too, and jimmy williams. everybody's getting a little something, okay? they do fine work for us. fair deal. a market economy. your thoughts, susan, on what he just said, not so much as a democrat but as a politician, as leader? >> as a politician, he summed it up right. democrats dropped the bomb in december going for the tax cuts, which you just brought up and the republicans pounced on it and ran away with it. that's where we are right now. we can go with this and add insult to injury, the president was so late to the table, they let the republicans just use this as their mantra for four or five months. >> i get no results politic. let's stay in the political theater for a second. if it's clear that the republicans politically in terms of manipulating and accumulating power are whooping ass on a relative basis, in other words, they a great job through december. done a great job controlling the debate. we wouldn't even be having the
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debate if it wasn't for the republican political agenda this year, how did they exploit this? in other words, if you were a republican and saying, this is our agenda. it's a spending cuts agenda, and we are scorched earth for that agenda, how do i convert that into political benefit over the next few years or does it -- >> they get to go home. go home to their district and say what they ran against last was anti-establishment. i will not cave to leadership in washington. i won't cave to my leader or to the president, and that's what they're able to do now. that's really what their victory is. >> politically. >> politically, and say, we didn't -- we cut spending and i followed through and we didn't give into those same old washington retains i. got it. knowing that, do you basically have a political strategy that is i declayed i'm going into the town square and burn myself, no matter what happens, i will torch myself in the town square, because i will make my point. i will burn this place to the
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ground. how do i countera political strategy that's based on that type of scorched earth agenda? >> a couple of things i agree with susan. also disagree. they can say i didn't give up with constituents. what both sides are starting to realize, i think numbers are showing this, which is was sooner. americans are really getting sick of it and a political cost to both sides of inaction, actually. >> the nice thing is much like the giant banks, the two-party political system is too big to fail. no matzer how much it screws you or screws everything up, the counter is well, where else are you going to go? jimmy? >> there isn't a two-party system. the tea party doesn't exist. i've been saying this for months. the tea party does not -- anybody that thinks the tea party exists is smoking crack cocaine in america. it's nothing more than the far right wing of the republican party, and they're wagging the dog's tail right now.
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>> they're kicking butt. >> they're no. but they're not. >> they are. >> i disagree. >> no -- plan has revenue -- >> i'll tell you why. >> why do you disagree about the quality of their political work? i'm impressed by their ability -- >> the ability to control the agenda. all they have said is, we have to cut spending. so they've accomplished what it is they startsed to do. they got them to do. right? the problem is, when you bite off something and then you start chewing on glass, your mouth begins to bleed. >> how does that metaphor apply to this? >> boehner can't -- the speaker of the house, i man i respect, can't control his leadership. he can't control the caucus. >> that's the point. exactly the point. >> the tea party -- the tea party -- >> they don't exist. >> they have brought the speaker of the house to his knees. >> yes. >> because the truth is he could get a deal. he could get a deal and was willing to deal with the democrats. he won't deal with democrats because he knows it will cost his speakership. >> and --
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>> one at a time chcts look at the house roster, when people go to vote it doesn't say, dot, p.t. dash it says -- >> we're not talking about -- >> they're republicans. >> get season in. >> own your damin people. own your people. >> the kicker they get to go back and say, do you increase spending? and the democrats have to say, we negotiated to decrease on the entitlements. >> i think double -- i think -- i -- i am horrified by what i am waging, and. >> the majority of the debt? >> run up prior to this president. >> right. >> who's in control? >> republicans. >> the same party ran up the damn debt. >> that's the political genius of what they're doing. >> everybody gets that, but we are where we are and beholden to them. having this whole argument on their term. the fact we are now looking for a hail mary pass that won't
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touch medicare, medicaid and social security. >> i'm not looking -- i want them to programs to reform. i finish social security any march. my point, it's simple. >> we've only just begun. >> they've done this to themselves. eat your glass. let your mouths bleed. >> done it to all of us. >> yes, they did. >> we're take a break. i don't want to eat any of your glass. >> it's not my glass. barney frank says, i didn't vote for these damn wars. >> the reality is, we're not even talking about the real problem. that, i think, is a testament to the effective political strategy of a small group of people, whoever they may be. and i wish we were talking about other things. tax reform, trade reform. i don't know the answer. i just want to talk about it. one party whose debt creel end game, make sure we kick the can down the road far enough that barack obama can win a second term. that will be the democrats. up next, the republicans,
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this was negotiate fld a bipartisan manner between both houses of the congress. and i do think that we're going to have some work to do to get passed but i think we can do it. >> that's speaker boehner facing a difficult road to get 218 votes for his two-part debt deal ensuring we have the same fake debt debate again nine months from now. of course, if this debt deal somehow makes it out of the house, the white house saying they're veto it anyway. freshman republican congressman serves on the budget committee. a pleasure to welcome you. did you hear the conversation we were just having, by any chance? >> bits and pieces and the very end before you went to commercial. so yes, i did. >> how would you identify yourself oos a republican and how would you identify yourself as a freshman and a tea partier? how do you identify? >> i am a freshman republican one of those focused on reforming the still. the biggest problem we have is
1:18 pm
not, you know, if we're going to cut $2 trillion ors 3ds trillion. we've got to fix the problem. we're talking about that very little at this point. we're approaching with the cut cap and balance, can we find a way to negotiate all the cuts and what they're going to be. we have to find a way out of this. honestly, boehner's plan is one of those things flying out there, would it be perfect? no. it starts us working on structural reforms, that's what we've got to get to. >> rear referring to strufrl reform, banking policy, tax code? i don't see that anywhere? >> i would love to see has in there. sets in mandatory statutory caps in there we've got to come back in and puts in a commission everyone's trying to stare at, a brat commission for what we'll do on spending and taxes and start looking at it that's coming back and mandates we put in a balanced budget amendment. long term, a parent in the room in congress, and the parent is the united states constitution. and so when we still have a free press, as many politicians ate the press, we sell it because
1:19 pm
it's protected by the constitution. freedom of religion a symbol of the constitution protections. we'll have a balanced budget some day if we ever put that in the constitution and protect it. >> where is it in the constitution secretly giving money to benefit leg sis 20th century businesses that should have failed? >> no. i'm not sure i can see that part of the constitution. >> so the constitution is okay with secret money bribing politicians to preserve rigged market structure for special interests? >> no. it's not actually. >> then why do, is that how our government functions? >> the reality is that's house been functioning since the very beginning and a lot of the structurering and taxes the last hundred and some-odd years. we have to fix that. republicans plans on in, it's in the ryan budget much hated by so many. a large statement in there we've got it clear out the loophole, clear this system out. congress before i got here even plemped to america, a statement in there about it. that's not opposed. want to clear those things out but we've got to -- the
1:20 pm
difference is, are we doing that with taxes and increasing taxes? the president is trying to get to a solution. i'm frustrated he's put taxes as the solution. it gives the impression 20 the american people if we'll just raise taxes on a few rich people it will solve the problem. that's a $1 trillion solution to a $10 trillion problem of deficits. that doesn't solve the problem. it's $10 trillion. argue how they changes economic active but that doesn't solve the problem. this thought of rush out and raise taxes and everything is easy then is not true. we still have hard decisions i. argue that -- i agree running out of raising taxes to solve the problem is a knee-jerk reaction that doesn't necessarily help. i would argue that dent tickly stupid is running out and cutting a bunch of things without actually -- understanding why we have the deficit in the first place, and understanding the extraction going on at this country's expense. specifically through trade and banking and the tax code. >> i absolute i agree with you and have proposaling i'm putting
1:21 pm
on the table. especially community banking. we spend a lot of time focusing on the big banks and forget the community banks are the drivers of small business in small town america. they get hammered with all the sgidlines. 100 new rules from dodd frank coming out. 12 employees trying to implement 100 new rules. that stuff we have to fix. on the flip side, the president made a great statement last night at the beginning of his speech. he said, our debt is causing us to slow down in job growth. i completely agree. if we don't deal with debt we're slowing down on the economy. two ways to invest. invest in sovereign debt of the united states or invest in the market. the more we need for our sovereign debt the less invested in the market. we slow down the market by raising our debt. it's simple math. >> also simple math as long as politicians continue to rig the trade agreements whether the money's in the market or sovereign markets all is leaving
1:22 pm
america and going overe serseas. accepting rigged trade deals like with south korea, panama and colombia now, or the rigged trade we currently have with china, i'll tell you somebody who has been in the financial media for 15 years, as is very familiar how people make decisions to allocate capital, it's much more profitable to take money from america to another country and pay off a politician to ensure the perpetuation of that structure than to do anything that is investing in america and until politicians deal with that -- >> the territorial text agency for corporations and global taxations they can make money in the world and be able to take it back home and repate tree raitt? >> a flat tax that allows repatriati repatriation. i'm against things like allows american ceos to lobby politicians like yourself to
1:23 pm
empower rigged trade agreements that are profitable for the kopgs overseas and come at america's expense. basically every one of these trade deals. >> then we need to resolve that and bring it to the table and look at the specific proposals you're talking about. an economy grows based on its own consumption, investment, government spending and trade. if we're hammered on all of those we're doomed a and have to be able to take them to on. it we don't export more and do manufacturing here we're not going to be able to grow the economy. every country in the world is trying to increase exporting. not everybody can. >> i'm running the clock. china does a better job of exporting because they tax our imports at 25%. we tax theirs at 2.5%. they discount their currency at 50 cents on the dollar. i guarantee you, if i had a tariff, ten times every other country and my currency rigged at half off every other currency my numbers would look pretty good, too, and many country that would let me do that to them was the biggest bunch of jackasses
1:24 pm
i've seen on the face of the earth, and by the way, that's us. thanks for your time. representative lankford. that konks went beyond where i expected it to go, but to your point, jimmy, he identifies himself as a republican. >> good. i'm glad to hear that the republican tea party people are actually owning their own members. that's good. i want all republicans to walk lock step and sing kum ba yah, walk off the cliff -- i'm not done talking. >> go ahead. >> and let us have economic suicide. because that's about to happen. >> i don't know how many republican gatherings you go to, but most of these freshman. >> all the time. calmed lobbyist parties. >> okay, the lobbyists. with other republicans in attendance who aren't elected. >> believe me, many more republican than democrat lobbyists. >> 60 seconds left. we can do nothing for the next 60 seconds or do something. >> can i just -- >> i would love anything, consequently.
1:25 pm
>> one thing missing a brac-type panel. so much of this conversation is so divorced from, okay. what will the impact be at the main street level? what's it going to mean for people who are tenures? people who are already retired? what's it going to mean for family where is the kids are trying to go to college? one of the biggest things missing from this conversation at this point which is why we're having this ethereal conversation about cutting this, taxing that. how's it going to affect the people of our country? >> we leave it that. one ever two things going on in the washington debate is. either both parties do not understand our country's problem or are both paid by special interests to avoid it. which is it? we'll ask a man on the inside, foreign white house economic adviser jared bernstein with the panel after this. ♪
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so both sides switched, everybody caved and no one agreed. now to the right of republican john boehner whose new plan says, hey, this sucked so much, let's do it again in nine months. my question to congress and i think a question many americans may be sharing as of tonight is this -- do you want out of this relationship so bad but don't have the balls to leave so you've all decided to act like such giant ass [ bleep ] to force us to break up with you? >> jon stewart, channeling the country's anger issuing about ultimatum to the totality of congress, shape up or ship out. frustrations running high with both the capitol and the white house. as we know, the real issue in this country is, joblessness. and right now more than half of americans disapprove of the president's handling of the jobs
1:30 pm
crisis, ar koccording to a new "washington post" abc news polls. and 65% disapprove of their handles of the job situation, which i believe was what they ran on in the mid-term election. funny that. our specialist today, jared bernstein. worked at the white house as the vice president's former economic adviser. now a contributor here at msnbc. the rest of the panel is here. jared also happens to be an old agantens of mine from the cnbc days. nice to see you again, jared. >> good to see you, dylan. >> why are we not seeing actual debate about job creation and is it because the politicians either are not aware of this problem or are they simply deciding to not engage this problem? >> much more the latter than the former. basically, you collar anybody in this town or in that building behind me and ask them, what's the major problem facing america, and they will repeat, talking pointing about talking
1:31 pm
point about deficits and debt. despite the fact if you step over the beltedway and ask people what they care about and the polls are very clear on this, they'll tell you, of course, it's jobs. it's the economy. it's income. and you know, back a few months ago i thought the president and the white house was trying pretty hard to walk and chew gum at the same time. to emphasize a jobs agenda as well as to say our medium and long-term fiscal challenge must be met. we have to get a sustainable path, but ever since the mid-term sank in, it seems like everyone believed the way to reach voters is to cut spending, cut the deficit, and, you know, like a mass hysteria. >> this is karen finney here. here's a question about what's sort of happening, this back and forth. i clawly agree with jon stewart. it's like watching a bad relationship. at this point it seems fundamentally what we're arguing about here is one process that would be sort of a two-step approach. one process that's a one-step
1:32 pm
approach. i think democrats have pretty much given republicans what they wanted on the numbers, in terms of the amount of cuts. the reid plan is a little hail mary because it preserves medicare, medicaid, social security. so what, what are we missing? what is the piece that is missing to get everybody to just say, "yes." >> i don't think it's rocket science. it's house republicans just can't get to yes. i mean, these guys insist on a, b and c. you give them a, b and c and then they say they want d and e and f and don't like a, b and c anymore. like jon stewart was saying. the president has gone way outside anyone's comfort zone with med zaide, medicare and social security and dropping revenues which is a serious mistake. be that as it may, he's the most serious person at that table, in terms of trying to avoid a default, and i still think we will avoid it. i think at the end of the day,
1:33 pm
that will -- that saner minds prevail, but every minute i get more nervous and every minute we talk about this we're not talking about jobs and the economy. the cost of this debate of legion in my view. >> jimmy williams. one person is controlling the agenda of the united states of america right now and his name is grover norquist. grover norquist was nude gingrich's butt buddy. jack abra hof's buddy. charged peoples 25ds,000 a pop to go to a bush white house signing ceremony. he is a petty crim kninal and m just about every single member of the house of republicans, on the republican side, not the tea party, and almost all republican. s signing a pledge saying they will never, ever for the rest of their lives raise taxes. i need to know -- do we have on the left of grover norquist, and if we don't, why not? because i need to know why it is
1:34 pm
one man, who's never had an elected office in his life -- >> a couple of points. first of all, this tax thing is beyond crazy. i read an article today that there are republicans who are backing away from the boehner plan. i thought, hmm. that's interesting. maybe they're moving towards reid's. no. they're backingy with from the boehner plan because it's not conservative enough. afraid there's a tax increase and boehner is on the radio explaining to rush limbaugh, no way. can't happen. so this is -- this pledge -- i put it right in the same camp at the cut cap and run bill, as the mcconnell kind of device where you get the debt ceiling, your fingerprints on it. it is a massive movement away from governing. now, we actually -- i believe voters sent here to govern, but when you sign a pledge like that, you stop governing. and it's extremely detrimental
1:35 pm
to the economy and to the debate. >> good afternoon. susan del percio. as far as the american public's concerned, i think they wouldn't care if you took all of these plans threw them in a grab bag, picked one and moved on. what they really care about is having a job. now we're going into the political season and there's little time for anyone to put forward a really good jobs program, and that's going to affect, really, the president more than anybody else. how is it, if it's even possible, it the president come out of this? >> i don't know that it's a slam dunk, the scenario you laid out. i agree with you that silly season -- well, it's not coming, it's been here for a while, but i actually expect the president, who -- let me tell you, i worked with the man. he gets this jobs problem and understands constraints facing the middle class and so does the vice president. i wouldn't be surprised if after this he pivoted to a set of ideas -- you heard him mention
1:36 pm
the tiny pinprick into the debate. a lot of good ideas floating around. i've been trying to feed some myself into the debate on infrastructure, on fixing public schools in terms of repair, retrofit, maintenance on some of the trade ideas, by the way, dylan was talking about earlier, around currency. so there are ideas out there, and i would not be at all surprised if the president pivots. very surprised if any became law. let's have the fight. that's where he's got to go. >> do you awe glee? basically, obama's best chance going into the presidential election will be to immediately, whenever this nonsense is overish go to jobs, stay on jobs and never let go of jobs? >> he may hedge his bets because i don't think he can deliver. do you that eight, nine months and then can't pull it af. >> i remind people, ronald reagan at this point in time was not creating jobs and he won with a land slide. not saying barack obama will, i'm saying ronald reagan's was
1:37 pm
the same. >> his structural problems were not the same. >> the '86 tax bill. >> i can't speak to the politics. i can say that the economic itself, if you look at the indicators, the economy is really craving some targeted jobs policy. if you can't get there on the monetary side, has to be on the fiscal side anchts agree, jared. see if we get to the debate. i welcome the day. jared bernstein, former economic adviser to the vice president. panel, thank you so much. we'll come back for more on thursday. pick up grover norquist, don't have to do it all in a question. know what i'm saying? we'll take a momentary break. up next here, we found -- forget the whole debt thing. uo ufo's exist. we'll show them to you. ahead of the third largest credit rating agency and the only one not paid by the banks.
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real reform in america is up now on the newly revaved dylan ratigan poirn com and how the greedy bastards are ruining america. we're back here after this.
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the debt ceiling pro wrestling tour continues to rumble in d.c., our politicians refuse to face the cold reality of millions of americans out of work. many of our current problems would, in fact, be solved if our government simply made job creation and the necessary bank, tax and trade reform its priority years ago. instead, they took political payoffs to avoid that very problem, and, thus, we find ourselves in a cries where nearly 1/5 of our youngest and most innovative minds are without employment. one group that is trying to do something about this problem today is called our time. on organization standing up for the economic interests of the yng americans and giving the young entrepreneur as platform a distribution channel, for their ideas and their businesses and matthew siegal is the group's co-founder and president and he joins us now. i think this is a wonderful idea, first off. right out of the gate.
1:47 pm
i congratulate you on that. give us a sense what you offer and what your message is. >> our time is empowering voters and act collectively in order to build power for our generation, but more importantly towards that power we want to innovate the economy. the way 20 do that, build a large place we launch, founded by entrepreneurs under 30 or around 30, all of whom are discounting their products at 30, 40, 50% off or more for 30 days to help these businesses grow, create jobs and give back to their communities and support the small businesses with the highest growth rejection in this country. >> what is it in the american history or had politics that inspired you to go with this methods? >> my generation i don't have to
1:48 pm
foe much further than my friends to see how turned off young people are from what's going on in washington. i said, how can we have people become more thoughtful voters and would you rather support the small chocolate company who makes their product in america, employs people in american factory, gives a percentage of their profits to charities or the chocolate company that's been around for 30, 40, 50 years who uses slave labor in the ivory coast or child labor in the ivory coast. >> can you call it slaves. slivs in china. making the iphones in china. >> exactly. so who do you want to bet on and who do you want to help grow? we want to get the men consumer, and young people to create a community of supporting each other to help these businesses innovate. >> the cynic says what are you going to do when the young people find out how profitable using slaves it on the ivory coast? >> amazingly we brought 150 young ceos to white house, to
1:49 pm
the chamber of commerce and capitol hill in a bipartisan way. john mccain, chuck schumer to talk about this. my generation is more concern about helping this country and looking at how we can use cause elements in our businesses of giving percentages of charities and making sure that our businesses employ american people, and i think our generation is not interested just in enriching executives but actually trying to take care of our workers. you see it in newer companies like google. they've kind of grown too big to innovate as well now. >> what specifically do you want to get done or do you -- are your goals to accomplish between now and the presidential election? >> we're building into the commerce places, young business the country and appearing on shows like this for distribution. the more people who come to the marketplace, the more of these businesses grow, create jobs, give job back to our membership
1:50 pm
and also gives that know who you buy from element had translates into voting participation, because you'll know who you elect and you learn about what you're buying. you learn about what you're supporting and what you're investing in. we need young people to do that and it's a transfer of consumerism to civic engagements. >> if you were to look at the culture, which really what you're talking about a is a culture of solving problems. a culture in washington, d.c. of problem solving. we've seen that culture. you're trying to create a different culture. how are your values of problem solving differ than what you see as the values of the political establishment? >> i think we recognize that we're for small businesses who of the highest gross trajectory in the first five years of operation. we're to the about holding on to investments and -- >> towards new business? >> yeah, new business. look, the president's talking every day about innovation, the congress is. how are you innovating?
1:51 pm
invest in young companies. why of the big companies safe nest -- >> because they bought the government. >> that's the problem. but every advertiser wants my generation as consumers, we're channeling our consumer power to build power. >> awesome. i'm pleased to know you and proud of what you're accomplished so far. matt siegal, president, our time. check it out. buychun tich on dealing with the frustration and anger of being out of work without taking it out on those closest to you. and coming up on "hardball," chris has the white house press secretary jay carney for a live interview. like to have a look at a map, my lad? ah, why not? shall we check on the status of your knighthood? yes. again? yes, again, please! thank you. with my digital manservant,
1:52 pm
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1:55 pm
well, for millions of long-term unemployed americans, frustrations can't begin to describe how they feel. and it's certainly hitting home for families with or without jobs. american households have lost nearly one-third of their network since the recession began. now struggling families are dealing with financial uncertainty trying to balance checkbooks and relationships with loved ones and bearing witness to a bought government that continues to behave in increasingly unjust and corrupt manner. the media the not much better. makes people feel pretty -- well, you know, pissed off. back with us today is noah cass, political director of the realization center. a large addiction treatment facility here in new york. talking during the commercial
1:56 pm
break about justifiable anger and all the things going on you can point to. i can run lists, saying, this and this and this and this. this is nothing really, you can run down the lists and say, well, that pisses me out, that mange me angry, can't believe this, can't believe the bank bailout, can't believe this. how do you keep that from affecting your anger and ruining your existence? >> it's incredibly, incredibly hard. more americans aren't employed for longer periods of time now and they don't quite understand how they work so hard and they lose their job, while financial institution managements can get bailed out, while politicians can be elected year after year and not deliver results. that's the appearance. it's for you and politicians and financial media and the blotter, political sites majors to discuss the real reasons why but the appearance is that things aren't getting done and meanwhile, they're getting fired. so they take it out on
1:57 pm
themselves, and it compounds that anger that already exists. they take it out on themselves via i'm hyperly focusing on minutia and searching for a job, like the font on a resume. or following dead-end leads that they know aren't going to go anywhere and don't take care of their physical body or mental health. they might lash out at their family, either verbally, being aggressive. the worse part being physically aggressive but more passive aggressively. isolating from their children. that's one reader wrote this week about that. finds himself isolating himself from his children because he's sort of embarrassed you and it doesn't help when he turns on the television after looking for a job all day and sees this facade that went on last night with boehner and obama taking each side and political commentators commenting on it when he hopes they can fix this problem and it's kind of their
1:58 pm
responsibility to fix this problem. he had his own responsibilities, to take care of these two kids that he has. >> what are your tips? you can sit there and make a compelling case. anybody can make a compelling case themself as to why they should are irate, offended, indi intig nanlt and -- >> i think they say, not having a job is a full-time job. that only goes to a point. you can only end up so many rez meuhs. you can only follow so many leads. there has to be a time when you take care of your emotional core as well. that means talking to friends. maybe seeing a counsellor to discuss how angry this situation is making you. it goes usually from shock that you got fired to pragmatism with i'm going to find another job. then to anger. and sometimes we need mun to help us on that journey a little. >> it's interesting, i had a conversation recently with deepak chopra, who was talking about, it's very easy to focus
1:59 pm
on one thing. >> sure. >> i'm working on this job. or i'm going through this divorce. or i don't have a job. or whatever that thing is. and you prioritize that one thing 20 such a level that every other thing? your life is completely abandon abandoned. stop eating, sleeping, all of these different thing. it's very hard when you're in a high-stress situation whether it is work or not work or relationship or not relationship, to not do that. >> yes. i told you right off the air i said i was divorced. what do you think the first thing i thought was. work. granted, it got me on "the dylan ratigan show," but it also took me back a little, and i need to work on getting through that. >> and ultimately, if you aren't doing those things -- >> it's all just -- you're not going to really take any extended growth. you know? you're going to not live that holistic life we were talking about. you're going to start -- we talked about equating